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Friday, June 13, 2008

SOLAR Energy as alternative to Petroleum or Hydro

The future is in solar energy. As you may have observed for the past couple of years, economically ,the whole world is in a mess because of the rumor that oil is about to run out. Explanations given are that we are too many now and demands are high and so on and so forth.Much as i doubt that oil is running out anytime soon we must realize that we need not rely on this valuable "black gold". Actually since speculation is causing quite some unnecessary anxiety in the world markets i would wish that we turn to solar power on a serious note in order to eliminate uncertainty. It is available almost everywhere,it is clean and most of all it WILL NEVER RUN OUT!!! and most of the unused desert land in Africa, America and many other world regions e.g the middle east can produce thousands of megawatts of electricity from this clean energy which they can sell to the world. Rural areas that do not have access to power grids have readily available solar energy.We must also intensify on the use of solar energy for every day use, at home , for transportation vehicles and many other purposes that are currently using petroleum products as energy to run them.