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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Information technology student guidance

hi people, being an information technology student, you may find that it is sometimes not easy to know where you will end up, to be specific , knowing which area you will specialize in since I.T is Xtremely wide. However, one thing is for sure, you may either have had a mentor or someone whose job you really admired or even a brother or sister who studied IT and you really decided because of them, to pursue that path. These mentors of idles of yours may be systems administrators now, IT managers , database specialists , network engineers , web designers etc etc so you probably thought you would simply become like one of them and get paid major $$ like them in their jobs well its not that straight forward. you've got to focus one the area your heart directs you to and maximize your energies in that direction in order to attain the knowledge, skills and the dime$ associated with it.

You must realize that you should have at least been lucky to do an internship in an organization that covers all the areas and most probably you had a chance to interact with the various professionals either heading or actually technicians in various designations in the IT departments of that specific organisation.

I must inform you that exposure to I.T systems will surely enable you to get a good idea and feel of what you want to be.

When you decide on what you want to be you will also realize that within each discipline there will be need for certification in order to put a seal on your skills and abilities.

In the next episode :> i will try my best to go over the major certifications one will require on the path to I.T professionalism.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The beginning

.... in the beginning there was a dream...