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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Overcome Stress

stress is another face of fear. fear is your greatest enemy. do not even fear to fail, failure is a sharpener, stand up and fight with fresh tactics, if you fail again then keep getting up.Almost all human beings who have lived long enough on this earth when asked what what they would change if they had been given a chance to become young again said they would take more risks.smile. no matter what happens you have a choice of what emotion to choose and effect.you have all the tools and power to overcome stress.you have the power of choice.think deeply about this and awaken that power.it is in you. create a positive atmosphere, be selfless and encourage those around you.you will be empowered today and now.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


...when i ask "who created you?" some start thinking, either with anger or love or even embarrassment , about what their parents did a couple of years back which resulted into them. when i ask "who created the universe?" some start using the same logic as previous and it leads them to a dead end -it is out of scope and beyond comprehension:::ref help @ Job 26:7 My dear friends Almighty God created everything including you, HE created your soul and you are more precious than all the billions of stars and galaxies put together. That is why he loves each one of you like you are the only one on this earth, HE knows everything about you and examines you every single moment. HE is eager to help and waits for you to ask. HE has given you power on this earth and you are all under his grace and mercy. HE favors you and has given you a choice between life and death (eternal). Whether we agree or not HE placed us to be born in the perfect family , it is our free will and the choices that we make that determine our sadness or joy in any circumstance. He does not expect mechanical love towards him or from man to fellow man, HE is able to see your heart and your attitude and therefore HE cannot be deceived by false nice,heartless deeds or words. HE gave his son to us :::John 3:16 out of GREAT LOVE. SO Lets all SEEK HIM,ACCEPT HIM, labor to be true and emulate that LOVE. Christmas is a time for salvation, celebration and reconciliation. A merry Christmas to you all !

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Strange Maths 2

I decided to play with the number 9

9+9 = 18

referring to principle in previous post Strange Math

1+8 = 9

now if we have 9x9 we get 81

8+1 = 9


9x1 = 9
9x2=18 and 1+8 = 9
9x3=27 and 2+7 = 9
9X4=36 and 3+6 = 9
9x5=45 and 4+5 = 9


9x456 = 4104 and 4+1+0+4 = 9

and so on and so forth

so it seems to me that if we multiply any number by 9 , when we add up the digits of the resultant we get nine

try it out and see whether this works

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ultimate Success Formula

The following are 4 basic steps that will achieve you success


Know what you want ( Have a goal)


Make a decision about it


Notice what method works and what method doesn't work as you attempt to attain your goal


Change the approach whenever you reach a "dead end" until you are successful in achieving your objective

To supplement the above steps one must be patient, persistent and must be able to persevere.