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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Science Fiction or The future today

Fact – now or fiction – future or supernatural. THINK - What if …..

-We could think of whoever we want to chat or speak to and initiate the communication in our minds by use of transceivers connected to appropriate positions in our brains. If the person is within a couple of meters radius then the communication is from person to person but if it is a large distance say thousands of kilometers then satellites can be used to create the link

-domestic gas cylinders had meters to show the level of gas remaining in the cylinder so that gas wouldn’t just run out without prior knowledge

-our dreams could be recorded on chip or flash in an appropriate format and be replayed in video format onto a monitor or screen for anyone to watch

-An automatic alarm system is employed to wake you up without noise of an alarm and enables you to get fully awake at a particular time. It will be able to ensure graceful wake up , it should start waking you up like 1hr to 30 minutes prior to the actual fully awake signal to ensure you are fully awake so that waking up will not be difficult for human beings.

-You could feel and interpret the pulses or signals being broadcast by your vehicles diagnostic system so that you are able to know the exact fault and its location or the health of your car mechanical condition.

-We had a GPS like system in our bodies so that we would know exactly where we were at any given time and not get lost or stuck in traffic.

-Pictures and visions in our minds can be translated into formats that can be interpreted and decoded into visual or graphical signals or formats that can be replayed and viewed by any human being

-Information stored in the brain can be retrieved or added upon by computer systems. And that this information can be translated into computer formats that can be displayed and interpreted by human beings

-intelligent hybrid driverless cars / vehicles that will all synchronize information ( calculations of proximity to other vehicles or objects rendered dangerous or which may cause accidents and endanger life, speed , state of mechanical and physical health plus locus among others) that will help them avoid collisions , other accidents caused by mechanical failure or traffic jams

-Mankind would build stations on other planets apart from earth, make them habitable by human beings and actually even launch space missions from there to other planets.

-You could user your mind to power off and on electrical / electronic appliances or devices around you either at home or at your place of work if you have authority to do so e.g. power up TV, choose a channel, switch on a light , open your gate , open you garage etc

-Affordable domestic internet speeds would reach 100Mbps and more (Giga speed onwards)

-The TV image of the service provider or the internet would appear when you close your eyes as per you request and you will be able to navigate the desired sites or channels with you mind.

We are talking hybrid systems, science, technology and biology combined to create intelligent systems that allow human beings to interface with electronics so that there would be ease of living and prevention of life or health endangering situations that could have been avoided. The basis and intention of such systems would and MUST be to make the world a better place.

What if continues….

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Information technology main areas in brief

In simple terms, information technology key areas of specialization can be represented by the following blocks for clarity:

Block 1

Operating systems – these are interfaces between the hardware, the applications and the actual user at the point where information is being generated or processed with respect to data input

Block 2

The networks – these provide the infrastructure plus the respective end point hardware upon which the information is transported from source to destination. It also has elements of data integrity and security of information which are vital. They include wired and wireless network technologies.

Block 3

Data bases and applications - these are programs that manage the archival, storage, retrieval and manipulation of information as desired by system users.

To break it down

Block 1 requires knowledge of operating systems, and on a higher level it requires knowledge and proficiency in Network operating systems. We are talking about Systems administrators who require certifications after gaining proficiency in operating systems including windows, Linux , UNIX and other Operating systems and their respective network operating versions. Microsoft certifications for the Certified Engineers and Certified Systems Administrators are some of the certifications for Microsoft you may consider attaining.

Block 2 requires comfortable knowledge in interconnection of devices, and the actual installations and configuration of these devices that are used in the network infrastructure. You will need Networking knowledge from the operating systems of the end devices e.g. workstations, servers, routers, firewalls and various switch types. We are talking about Network Engineers who may require certifications offered by the worldwide established Cisco Academies

Block 3 requires knowledge in database application and development, for example we can consider Oracle or Microsoft SQL certifications

We must also mention software developers and programmers who actually create and modify operating systems and application software.

i will be a little bit more specific about the certifications per key area in the next episode...

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Information technology student guidance

hi people, being an information technology student, you may find that it is sometimes not easy to know where you will end up, to be specific , knowing which area you will specialize in since I.T is Xtremely wide. However, one thing is for sure, you may either have had a mentor or someone whose job you really admired or even a brother or sister who studied IT and you really decided because of them, to pursue that path. These mentors of idles of yours may be systems administrators now, IT managers , database specialists , network engineers , web designers etc etc so you probably thought you would simply become like one of them and get paid major $$ like them in their jobs well its not that straight forward. you've got to focus one the area your heart directs you to and maximize your energies in that direction in order to attain the knowledge, skills and the dime$ associated with it.

You must realize that you should have at least been lucky to do an internship in an organization that covers all the areas and most probably you had a chance to interact with the various professionals either heading or actually technicians in various designations in the IT departments of that specific organisation.

I must inform you that exposure to I.T systems will surely enable you to get a good idea and feel of what you want to be.

When you decide on what you want to be you will also realize that within each discipline there will be need for certification in order to put a seal on your skills and abilities.

In the next episode :> i will try my best to go over the major certifications one will require on the path to I.T professionalism.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The beginning

.... in the beginning there was a dream...